Dynamic stretching – Weight training – Stability training – Core and Hip Mobility – Rotational Strength Development – Arm Care for throwers

Plyometric enhancement -Myofacial release – Functional Strength – Resistance Training – High Intensity Conditioning – Speed and Agility – Nutrition / Dieting

We are pleased to offer a new strength room for members and guests who want to take their game to the next level. From Absolute Strength to Speed training, we have the tools necessary for every aspect of the training world.

Ask for Forrest Longanecker (Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology) For details on how we can help you build functional strength!

Personal Training

Personal training for elite athletes or basic mobility training for young players is offered year around. The best way to function on the field is to increase strength, flexibility, endurance and quickness. This is achieved through the correct assessment of each athletes need and then implied through a variety of functional strength training. We offer this not just only for baseball players but any athlete looking for a competitive edge. Every program or session is designed for each specific athlete focusing on weak areas and muscle confusion. Qualified instructors and coaches will create and monitor a balanced regiment that will help to increase performance, stamina and best of all confidence for each athlete we work with.

Personal Training Rates

  • Half Hour.... $45
  • One Hour.... $85
  • Member Half Hour.... $36 (20% OFF)
  • Member 1 Hour.... $68 (20% OFF)
  • Member 10 Pack.... $300
  • Custom Program Design: Call for quote
  • S.P.A.R.Q / S.A.C. / H.I.T. Programs: Call for quote

Weight Room Rate

  • Drop-In Fee.... $5
  • Monthly Membership.... $25/Monthly
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