Whatcom County’s premiere baseball training facility. Preparing players for the mental and physical demands of playing at a collegiate level. Training athletes in a multitude of settings, covering all aspects in the game of baseball. IE: private lessons, camps, clinics of all levels, and teams.  At Inside Pitch our philosophy for player development revolves around building a mindset where players understand that success comes from having a daily routine committed to getting 1% better every day. The basis of this revolves around a high quality dynamic warm ups, teaching the body to hinge and move properly, and focused skill specific training.



Ernie Yake

“Inside Pitch helped me with a lot of things, not only in baseball but in life. Being their taught me how to work hard and it taught me how to focus on weaknesses to improve my game. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help from Inside Pitch and the people who work their. Thanks to them, in high school, I would workout before class at 5 AM and after class I would hit. They offered nothing but support and great advice to get me to the level that I am at today and I can’t be more appreciative of everything they have done for me. I have had some successful seasons at Gonzaga University and I plan to continue playing professionally. Inside Pitch has always been a home to me and the people their are family to me. When I come home from school, the one place I can’t wait to go is Inside Pitch.”

Austin Shenton

Kyle Panye

Welsey Moore

Carter Parcher

David Rhodes

Shane Jamison

Mike Fischer

It’s more than just the physical baseball training. The mental preparation and accountability that these instructors instill will carry the players that buy in along way even after their playing days are over. The club atmosphere is 2nd to none.



Brandon Hundt

Owner/Lead Instructor

Gary Hatch


Kevin Bolt

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