• No Maintenance –Ideal in or after any weather condition
  • Correct height (6″, 8″, 10″) – Indoor / Outdoor, Games / Practice!
  • Safer and more durable than foam mounds
  • Easy to move. Gym –> Field –> Facility. Easy clean, easy to store.
  • Stop wasting time with bullpen mounds that are never maintained!
  • Convert any field or gym into a baseball diamond
  • Ideal for indoor, winter training – stay in shape year round.
  • Approved for Little League, Cal Ripken, Pony, Babe Ruth, and Sandy Koufax.
  •  Inside Pitch Mounds are constructed of a reinforced lifetime fiberglass and covered with turf. A regulation pitching rubber is attached to all models and is easily replaceable if it becomes worn. Models are available for all age groups of Babe Ruth League Baseball with different height, length, width measurements for each group. 
  • IP Mounds are built with the safety and comfort of the pitcher in mind and allow for pitchers to practice and play from the same mound. The consistency of the practice and game surface provides for more rapid development of proper pitching fundamentals in young pitchers. In addition, the uniformity of the pitching mound is the same on the last day of the season as it was on the first day of practice with a minimum of maintenance. Approved for cleats and turf shoes depending on turf style selected.
  • Rent our mounds for tournaments or indoor practices!
  • Please call or e-mail IP for pricing or additional details — 360.647.1600 or
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