Silver Hitting

The Silver Medal Hitting Clinic is an intermediate to advanced level hitting class aimed at improving on all aspects of the swing – both physical and mental, by establishing an effective approach at the plate. Emphasis is placed on the physical mechanics of the swing during the first 3 to 4 weeks of the class, with a goal of eliminating any “mechanical inefficiencies” in order to create a more compact, powerful and repeatable swing. The emphasis for the second half of the 8-week session will shift from a physical standpoint to a mental point of view as the “timing” element of the swing becomes the focal point. The significance of a solid mental approach at the plate becomes very evident during this second half of the class as specific attention is placed on pitch recognition and pitch selection; all important factors that directly impact the timing of the swing.
Over the 8 weeks, players will progress through several types of hitting drills and exercises including tee work, soft toss/front toss and live to pitch during each session. Strength, balance and agility training is also incorporated to increase overall athleticism and produce “baseball specific” muscle memory, helping to escalate performance on the field. Progress is monitored, measured and reviewed through the use of high-speed motion analysis video equipment and written assessments.


8 Weeks (12/7/18 – 1/25/19)
Silver Hit  –  Friday Nights: 6 – 7:30PM
                   (25 Player Max)

Cost: $375


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