Silver Pitching

This 8-week class attempts to cover all the physical aspects incorporated in the pitching motion, specifically the preparation of the body and arm for the upcoming season. As the class approaches the final weeks, the focus begins to shift from the physical to the mental aspects of the position, providing an introduction to “effective pitch execution” and getting hitters out.
In-depth arm care routines are implemented throughout the course, helping each pitcher to understand the importance of proper mechanics and warm up procedures in order to maximize potential. Specific functional strength exercises and drills are incorporated into every session in order to develop postural efficiency throughout the delivery. Flexibility, mobility, stability all lead to durability and better recovery of the body and throwing arm. These extremely important aspects will lead to better command, more velocity and execution of all pitches.
Throughout the class, pitchers are closely monitored by our professional staff of instructors through the use of high-speed video analysis and written assessments. This helps to expose mechanical “inefficiencies” in the delivery that otherwise may not have been noticed by the naked eye.


8 Weeks (12/7/18 – 1/25/19)
Silver Pitch  –  Friday Nights: 7:30 – 9PM
                   (25 Player Max)

Cost: $375


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